Our Wind Turbine Technology

First 4 patents successfully filed

4 patents have already been created and many more to come in the future.

R&D experience

We have the research & development expertise in the area.

Windcredible Wind Turbine Blue

Design for urban environment

Our wind turbines were specially developed for urban environments.

Design for any kind of weather

The wind turbines self-starts at 2 m/s and works not only in slow wind speeds but also under stormy wind speeds.

What make us stand out from others, Why Us?

Our wind turbines design is the result of more that 10 years of R&D on top level Universities.

Instituto Superior Técnico
Évora University
University of Beira Interior


Ability to self-start without extra components at 2m/s


The turbine is inaudible

Very Low Vibration

The operation produces very low vibration due to its configuration


Designed to have one of the best performances in the market at nominal velocity


It was designed to aerodynamically self-balance, increasing security

Low Maintenance

Reduction of costs by reducing the maintenance needs

Very Low Components

The reduced number of components increases durability

Stormy Winds

Ability to operate in winds with 25 m/s

Technology Background

Providing the accessible wind energy of tomorrow

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